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Getting a legal immigration status can be a very complicated area of law to tackle by yourself. Our team has extensive and successful experience working in this area. Allow us to review your case and see what is the best solution for you. Whether you need a visa renewal or you are trying to secure your citizenship, our team will guide you step by step from beginning to end.


If your immigration case was denied by USCIS or in Immigration Court, we can appeal this decision for you.

Employment-based Immigration

Are you an employer looking to bring a foreign national to the United States to work for your company? Are you an individual with extraordinary talents seeking immigration options in the United States? Our office can assist you in applying for an employment-based nonimmigrant visa or employment-based lawful permanent residence.

Humanitarian Parole

If you need to bring a relative to the United States for a short period of time because of an emergency, but obtaining a Visa is not an option, we can assist you in this time sensitive matter.

Motions to Reopen

If you missed your appointment in Immigration Court you will probably be facing an automatic deportation (deportation in absentia). We can assist you to reopen your case and navigate the complicated rules regarding deportation.

Renewal of Lawful Permanent Resident Cards

We can assist you in renewing your lawful permanent resident card if it is expiring. Keeping your permanent card from expiring has many benefits. If you want to travel or apply for naturalization you must get this done first.

Stay of Removal

If you have already been ordered removed we can help stop the immediate deportation. There are humanitarian and medical reasons to help you remain in the United States while we work with you to find a more permanent solution to your immigration problems.

T Visa / U Visa / Violence Against Women Act

Victims of certain crimes are eligible for immigration status. Due to the nature of the process and the different law enforcement agencies involved, you should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

If you are a citizen of Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Syria, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan you might be eligible for a form of relief called Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

U.S. Citizenship

While it is exciting to take this final step in an immigration journey, it is important to carefully prepare all of the necessary materials.


Unlawful entries into the United States, misrepresentation to the U.S. government, and criminal convictions can all lead to deportation not only for those seeking permanent residence but for lawful permanent residents as well. It is imperative you consider the different options available for your case and apply for the right waiver before facing deportation.

Family-based Immigration

Family-based Immigration

We have extensive experience helping individuals who wish to sponsor family members for their permanent residence. Our experience covers family-based applications within the Immigration Courts, USCIS domestically, as well as through U.S. consulates abroad.

Adjustment of Status

If you are eligible for permanent residency you may be able to apply to obtain a green card without leaving the U.S. This process is called adjustment of status. Most applications for adjustment of status are considered in accordance with the provisions of 245 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (“Act”) and its implementing regulations found at 8 CFR 245.

Consular Processing

Consular processing is the process by which beneficiaries of an immigration petition who are outside of the U.S. apply for an Immigrant Visa at a U.S. Consulate overseas. To effectively complete this process you need to work with the National Visa Center and a Consular Office abroad under the Department of State. Consular processing will begin once the immigration petition is approved by USCIS and visa numbers for the prospective immigrants are available.

K-1 Fiancé Visa

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides a nonimmigrant visa classification “K-1″ to foreign nationals coming to the United States to marry American citizens and reside here.

Parole in place (or “PIP”)

A special program for non-citizen immediate family members of United States military (active personnel or veterans). It allows those family members who are in the United States unlawfully to apply for a U.S. green card, without having to leave the country.

Remove Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage

If you had been married for less than two years when you received your permanent residence, then your permanent residence is conditional. If this is the case, 90 days before your two year anniversary of your permanent residence, you must apply with the USCIS to remove the conditions. The requirement exists to prove to USCIS the marriage was not intended to evade the Immigration Laws of the United States.

Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

We represent clients who find themselves before an Immigration Judge. Deportation defense is a serious matter, and it should be handled by an experienced Immigration Attorney.

Asylum for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)

This program allows unaccompanied minor children to apply for Asylum. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA) has recently allowed us to assist minors in obtaining Asylum in a less adversarial way by giving USCIS initial jurisdiction over all asylum applications filed by UACs. This holds true even if they were served with a Notice to Appear before an Immigration Judge.

Bond Hearings

Many people held in immigration detention have no criminal record and their only crime is entering the country without inspection. Even if you are detained by the Immigration authorities you are entitled to certain rights and the possibility of a Bond Hearing.

Cancellation of removal for LPR

A legal permanent resident (LPR) who is in removal proceedings because of a criminal conviction can apply for waiver, which will allow the person to stay in the United States and not be deported.

Cancellation of Removal for Non-LPRS

If you find yourself in removal proceedings but you have resided in the United States for a long period of time, you can apply for Cancellation of Removal for non-LPRs before an Immigration Judge. These cases are extremely complicated and sensitive due to the nature of the relief.

Criminal Convictions in Immigration Court

Although a conviction may be expunged, this does not wipe your record clean for immigration purposes. Even conduct which is not categorized as a conviction for criminal purposes may be considered a conviction in Immigration Court. Thousands of Permanent Residents face deportation each year due to a criminal conviction. These do not have to be recent or major to cause deportation.

Defensive Asylum

You qualify for asylum in the U.S. if you have been persecuted or have a “well-founded fear of persecution” in your country based on (1) political opinion, (2) religion, (3) race, (4) nationality, or (5) membership in a particular social group.

Special Immigrant Juveniles (SIJ) Status

By obtaining a Dependency order from your State, we are able to help foreign children in the United States who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Children who get a green card through the SIJ program can live and work permanently in the United States.

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