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We have helped many Latino families reach the legal status they need to live a better life and have the peace of mind
to build a better and healthier future for them and their loved ones. These are some of their stories.

Ichell Davis.

Tampa, Florida
I hereby want to express the good service I have received from the immigration attorney Salomon Numa and his staff, which helped me carefully and guided me correctly through my immigration process. Both my husband Christopher Davis and myself have only words of gratitude for this professional....

Susy E.

Texas, Houston
When I was pregnant with my daughter, we were in Colombia for a week's trip. Unfortunately, I had some complications with premature birth and my daughter was born in Colombia. In addition to the medical situation we had to face, we were worried about his legal status and being able to return to the United States. Attorney Numa guided us on what steps to take to return and establish her legal status in the United States. From the beginning of our process we feel supported and well represented. He was very efficient in managing deadlines, giving attention to details, listening to our concerns and answering any of our questions along the way. Your legal status determines your peace of mind and you should always be in the best hands! From our experience, we highly recommend using Salomon Numa for any of your legal immigration processes. This was not a stressful process for us, and it should not be for you! He will study your case, take care of your family and use your best practice and knowledge to resolve your immigration needs in a timely manner. The law is his passion, but helping families is his inspiration. I can guarantee that you will be satisfied and will refer your services to other people who need an excellent lawyer.

Laura C.

Woodlands, Texas
Thanks to the excellent service provided by the lawyer Solomon Numa, my mother became a permanent resident in the United States. The process was quick and smooth, in less than a year my mother obtain her residence. Attorney Numa always answered all our concerns and was available at all the times to clarify our doubts. His professionalism, with his personal touch definitely made the difference. Therefore, I recommend him not only to family and friends but to anyone who needs his services.

Carlos Alberto M.

My name is Carlos Alberto and I’m 15 years old. I’m in the United States with my mom and my little brother. I have been 2 years in the United States. During this time I have been in court two times. Now my case has been closed and now I’m not scared because I am not going to get deported. I feel proud of the work of Salomon Numa and his team has done. They have treated me with respect and have been nice people during the process. The lawyer has been very patient and nice and has explained everything to me. Finally I thanked the lawyer for helping me. Best wishes for him and his job.

Rafael M.

Hello, my name is Rafael. I’m 32 years old. My family live here in the United States. I have 8 years living here in the States and I was under an illegal status. Now I’m very happy because my case has been approved thanks to attorney Salomon Numa and his team. They have worked hard to help me achieve my migratory dream. Salomon Numa attorney’s office is highlighted by good work and the best client attention. Is highly recommended for anyone that has an immigration case.

Sandra B.

My name is Sandra. I’m married and I have 4 girls. I had 8 years trying to solve my migratory status or residency for my husband and daughters. Attorney Numa accepted my case and in no time, mi daughter received the residency and citizenship. My daughter’s case was closed but he was able to make it happen for the same date. We were able to travel to the American consulate in Mexico and come back without any trouble. We are very satisfied with the work and staff at AILS. We had recommended to our family and friends. Thank you for the transparency and interest towards our case. Thank you very much.

Veronica G.

My name is Veronica and I’m 18 years old. My siblings Abram and Candelaria were waiting for me outside the detention center in California. Attorney Numa got out on bail. I’m very grateful with the work of American Immigrant Legal Services office; they were constantly in touch with my family in regards of mi case. They provided me an excellent attention, thus I gladly recommend their services to anyone who needs help with their migratory status.

Maria R.

Tampa, Florida
Words are not enough to describe how big of an impact AILS has made in my family’s life. Attorney Numa is not one of those attorneys that let a case sit around and collect dust. He is constantly on top of the case and works with all parties to achieve a desirable outcome. By doing this, he builds strong cases that leave Immigration fully informed. The attorney is always available to lend a compassionate ear without the need of charging per visit. I have known many lawyers that only care about the money and disregard the individual. I personally became very anxious and disillusioned after waiting but he was always there to lift my spirits and fill me with hope. Thankfully, after 18 years of struggling in this country, Attorney Numa accomplished my dream in less than one year. That’s why no matter what, I never hesitate in recommending him to anyone. I know firsthand that he wants to win cases, not money. His professional disposition to help others in the Hispanic community characterizes him as not only a great Attorney but also a great man. Today I am a permanent resident thanks to Attorney Numa. May god bless you with happiness and health so you may continue to help others that like me, who come to this country with big dreams and an even bigger work ethic.

Luis S.

I liked the attention, things were facilitated to us not to have complication. You can see the professionalism in the work and I liked the support in all of the questions we had.

Luis T.

I am very happy with the service and all the help I’ve received from Attorney Numa and each and every one of the people in their work team. Thank you to everyone.

Miguel O.

Excellent, attentive and cordial. Attorney is very responsible with the service, attentive to the cases and in constant communication with us.

Julio C.

The service excellent, everything great.

Sara C.

My experience with you guys have been great and with a lot of attention, thanks

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